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yacob's Journal

6 August
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i am yacob.

i play songs.

my goal in life is to become a writer or musician, doing as little work as possible, and actually enjoying my life. if i can't break the system for everybody, then i'll at least try to break it for myself.

i am also a record label. here is the address:

Albacore Records
30949 Wellington Ct
Spanish Fort, AL 36527

there are a million releases on it which have yet to be catalogued in any reasonable format but send me a letter and ill send you some of them. most of them are yacob releases or projects by recording-only bands.

accordions, against me!, allen ginsberg, alternate tunings, animism, arab on radar, beat, beat happening, beauty pill, beck, ben folds five, big black, black eyes, blonde redhead, bob dylan, brainiac, califone, calvin johnson, can, cat power, children, chocolate usa, clinic, crass, daniel quinn, deathrockboy, deerhoof, devo, dischord, dismemberment plan, douglas adams, einsturzende neubauten, elephant six, elliott smith, elvis costello, enon, epilepsy, existentialism, fugazi, fyodor dostoevsky, gang of four, georg buchner, h. p. lovecraft, half japanese, hank williams, hawnay troof, hiphop, informed opinions, interesting noises, invader zim, jainism, jandek, jhonen vasquez, john coltrane, johnny cash, joy division, julian koster, k records, kafka, kill rock stars, les savy fav, liars, lightning bolt, melodica, miles davis, minor threat, mirah, mission of burma, modest mouse, mogwai, mouse on mars, musical saw, my bloody valentine, nation of ulysses, neil gaiman, nerd rock, neu!, neutral milk hotel, nikolai gogol, nirvana, noise, norse gods, nudansk ordbog, of montreal, okkervil river, olivia tremor control, ornette coleman, pain, pants; speak the dog, pavement, pete & pete, pigfuck, pixies, public enemy, punk, q and not u, racebannon, religions, richard hell, riot grrrl, rites of spring, robert johnson, rudimentary peni, salmon, sandman, silver jews, skylight honey, sleater-kinney, slomo sigtrigga, sonic youth, soul coughing, spoon, stream of conciousness, subverting the dominant paradigm, suicide, swell maps, talking heads, taoism, television (the band), the beatles, the birthday party, the blood brothers, the difference engine, the dresden dolls, the fall, the locust, the make up, the microphones, the moldy peaches, the mountain goats, the replacements, the smiths, the stooges, the tick, thelonious monk, they might be giants, thomas pynchon, tom waits, tripping daisy, unwound, vegetarianism, velvet underground, violent femmes, william blake, william s. burroughs, wire, wrangler brutes, xbxrx, xiu xiu, yacob