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here is a song I wrote back in Hattiesburg one night at 4 am while on a pinehill haints binge and couldnt get back to sleep because i scared myself. ive been listening to bluegrass songs about horrible deaths and was inspired to type it up. i play it at yacob shows & itll be on the new album oncet i have one. here's what i wrote about it the night i wrote it:

"i just wrote my first graveyard song!!
and it has an eerie saw solo part i figured out how to do while playing guitar at the same time!
it is creepy and disturbing as all bloody hell!
it makes me not want to ever close my eyes again! "


hester was a man who wouldnt let the dead stay buried
they said he fell in love once but of course the girl got married
to another man that circumstance had pushed upon her family
he was found out in the rain one night without a single memory

a decent fellow he was though he came without a name
the family dubbed him eustace and it stuck him clear and plain
he got a job but often would complain of a strange pain
nightmares and tingles that would strike him in the brain

hester bore a grudge against this man he'd never met
it would send him into rages and he'd take it out on his pets
the graveyard beside his house was as silent as death
and hester vowed to send eustace there before his final breath

it appeared to be an accident and the whole town was bereaved
eustace struck down by a train in a nightly reverie
hester had the whoe thing set up but didnt see the head cleave
a pauper's grave and a funeral and they didnt even show the body

you think that upon the completion of his main goal's success
that hester would feel at ease, yea even get some rest
but he couldnt shake off the sickness lodging in his breast
what is eustace had somehow escaped death?

one moonlit night with a spade he snuck out to the grave
hester had to see the dead thing, to look it in the face
he dragged out the coffin to see the bones that he'd debased
nothing could have prepared him for what was in their place

(saw solo)

hester was a very morbid man
always searchin for the final end
messin where he oughtnt been
they found him stone dead beside old eustaces grace
his face was agony in the palest of shades
but the stragest thing was he was inside of a coffin already made

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