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sleepin under papers in tha central park

love is for fools and all fools are lovers
it's raining on my house and none of the others
love is for fools and god knows im still one
the sidewalks are full of love's lonely children...

read a story about a buried baby, finished a letter, played a show, am feeling 'heartbroken' like berlioz (my life and his are running parallel in some ways) over something that shouldnt even affect me. start school tomorrow. am absorbing myself in books and lots of musical projects (like a mad scientist themed opera involving more than ten people already involved with puppets and costumes and dance that i am doing some music/acting and the libretto/story/writing for) and writing and going through a birthday party phase again. happens when i sink deep into my head and im so self absorbed i could write a book or kill someone. i must convince myself in these times, my love is solely for the things which i create, and thats how i express and give it to everyone. force myself to be more selfless and monklike.

i am lucky to be a person who has intense experiences. all of the time.
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