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it's been a long...long...........long time

i am really interested in small sounds. whenever i pick something up or find a new object my first impulse is to tap it to see what kind of sound it will make. ive especially become focused on this since my guitars are broken and i cant make big music, but my room is filled with instruments and tones i havent realized yet. the wonder of recording is that it can make something small sound big, i experiment with that, whistling or tapping pinecones or rubberbands can sound thunderously loud. this is what im constructing my solo music out of more now, minimalism and chords and harmonies even from multiple pieces of metal that might only make one note. tapping a fork on my hand. in high school after my cd player broke i would hold a rubberband up to my ear and compose songs on it so i wouldnt have to listen to the teacher. when i want to hear my unplugged electric guitar (r.i.p.) i need only to cover up my ears and bite down on the head of it and all of the notes are totally clarified resonating through my skull. at loud music shows i like to open and close my ears with my fingers or cups really fast to make it sound more interesting. tiny sounds are my favorite sounds because you never have to pay for an instrument (or not much) like a raisin box or a pen cap. my favorite beatles song is "long, long, long". i've listened to that a dozen or more times today and played it as many. i like for pianos to sound as quiet as possible, i like to pluck the strings inside, i like to tap on the pedals and not touch any keys, i like to listen to sea shells and paper towel rolls. i like breathing and heartbeats.

i kept a tour journal. i need to fill in some blank days that are still up in my mind but not yet on paper. its a couple hundred pages because i cannot differentiate between the importance of any event or experience because i am too amazed by all of them.

outside of several shows i played musical saw, in chicago i played broken trees and fences and a bulldozer scooper, in montana i played a hubcap and a knife sharpener antique bicycling machine and a big rotary saw, in duluth i played the side of the van, in seattle i played a cookie tin (and stacked all of the wooden folding chairs outside on top of each other in a spiral), in houston i played hollow statues made of metal barrels. putting my ear to the side of those was an amazing rush of sounds from under the earth.
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